Sash Windows

Surrey & Sussex Glazing offer 3 variations of a Sash Window to suit your budget, Property type and personal choice. Our windows include Timber, Aluminium & PVC Sash. People normally choose Sash Windows to retain a certain charm of their property. We combine the traditional appearance of a sash window with modern technology to ensure you have an energy efficient window.

Timber Sash

 A true British design icon, The Traditional Timber  Sash window is Ubiquitous with aspirational Georgian and Victorian buildings, the classic style of the box sash and its engineered weight, cord, and pulley system is the natural choice for homeowners sensitive to the period aesthetic of their home.

At Surrey & Sussex Glazing our A-rated timber box sash frames come in a choice of high-grade timbers, including Red Grandis, European Redwood, Sapele, European Oak, and Accoya. 

uPVC Sash

uPVC sash windows come with so many benefits. Firstly they give your home a beautiful appearance and combined with modern Security. Not only that you will save in Energy bills. Our uPVC sliding sash windows are very low maintenance and protect your home from draught. All our windows are A-rated as standard to ensure your home stays warm all year long. If you would like to find out more about or uPVC windows fill out our form on the contact page.

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