Pergola & Veranda

Quality outdoor living

Quality outdoor living

Increase the enjoyment of the outdoors with our stunning Pergolas & Verandas. These are fast becoming a leading trend with homes across the UK as they don't require planning permission. The remote-controlled, motorised pergola system allows you to adjust the roof for solar shading when it gets too bright & also provide ventilation, illumination and rain protection depending on the seasonal weather changes making them more versatile than any other type of Marquee or DIY Veranda.

Quality Guaranteed 

All our Pergolas are made from Premium Grade Aluminium & Provide unbeatable stability in every aspect compared to uPvc or Timber alternatives. Thanks to the extreme toughness of our Pergolas the lifespan will out perform competitors systems plus they are incredibly low on maintenance. Unlike Steel Pergolas ours are a perfect choice by Architects as they don't come with the risk of rusting nor do they suffer from UV degradation which is something you will see from uPVC systems plus unlike Timber Pergolas you won't have to worry about it rotting. If you have more questions then get in touch with our team from Surrey & Sussex Glazing.

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The premium-grade aluminium construction of our pergola will out stand any uPVC or timber alternatives, offering a longer lifespan and lower your maintenance requirements. Unlike Upvc our Pergolas don't warp or crack with age. And unlike timber they don't rot either. Thats because Aluminium is a superior choice which can withstand the harshest of weathers. Our pergolas are built to last.